What is Family Constellation Therapy?

Developed by German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger in the 1990s, Family Constellations is an alternative form of therapy work. Constellations can be performed one-on-one or as a group of people who come together, offering their awareness and presence, and thus creating an energy field that Constellation Practitioners call the ‘work field’.
This approach draws from several other modalities, including Gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis, Virginia Satir's family sculpting, psychodynamic therapy, hypnotherapy, systemic family therapy

“The basic principle of Family Constellations is based on the idea that certain issues and patterns we encounter in our daily lives (either on the surface or in the subconscious) are always somehow connected to and deeply rooted in our ancestry. What often is missing is the awareness of these connections.” - Luisa Muhr

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Jo Amrein-Palairet

I was born in Taupo, New Zealand, and currently reside in Tauranga, New Zealand. My ancestors made their way to NZ from Switzerland and Germany in the early 1900’s.

I first trained as a Primary school teacher focusing on special education. Since leaving the classroom, I've undertaken Reiki training and also trained in Trauma Sensitive Yin Yoga. I have spent many years on her own healing journey, and continue to do so, exploring many different modalities.

Once I discovered Family Constellations, I was finally able to release long held negative patterns and trauma. I then trained in this amazing therapy and now work as a Family Constellation Facilitator both in person and online.