More About Me

Jo's Background

The story of my life has been and will continue to be my teacher as I convert my trauma into wisdom and my pain into courage. Before I uncovered my spiritual heart and discovered Family Constellation I was numb. The experience of my life and the healing journey I have been on have been life-changing for me. As a result, I have discovered potential I never realized existed.

After attending many family Constellation workshops, having 1:1 sessions, then training in this powerful modality, I have spent years gently weaving through generational trauma and life trauma. I found constellation work to be deeply moving and healing for me. In my opinion, it is magical. 

Recently, I returned home from a three-week pilgrimage in the Himalayas. After this experience, I have a new sense of self-trust and a deep knowing that there is a way to freedom for everyone. My whole life, I have been drawn to love and connection.

Sharing my story and family constellation therapy affirms and empowers my life every day.

Reach out, I'm here for you

I believe in the power of being vulnerable, unseen places to free us.

And I trust in Life wholeheartedly