Constellation Therapy

Family constellations also known as systemic constellations is a groundbreaking experimental process that reaches into the underlying impulses of family,  trauma, emotions, beliefs, and burdens and the damaging repetitive patterns of behaviours that are limiting your life in some way. 

As you participate in a family constellation session, you will be able to see, feel, and release whatever has been undermining or preventing you from moving forward.

Every one of us belongs to a multitude of systems. The family we are born into, schools we attend, groups of friends, teams we work with, organisations we work for, communities we engage with, the society we live in, religious and spiritual beliefs, countries and cultures we are born into, and the ones we live in.

Each system may have an overlap or varying set of beliefs, standards, values, expectations, go's and no-go’s interwoven with our emotional DNA. Some forces are visible, many are invisible. These often hidden forces create our dynamics and behavioral patterns, without us knowing it’s happening.

In family constellations, as we take a step back we allow our bodies to speak their mind while we explore, enquire, and reveal what has blocked or interrupted the flow. By allowing the unseen to be seen we can remember what has been forgotten or suppressed and integrate the resources we need to take care of our souls.

This isn’t family therapy with the whole family being present.

It’s a safely held space for You, to explore your relational dynamics, patterns, and entanglements and find your next true move, forward facing, in your life.