Testimonial - Rachel

Engaging in both Family Constellation Therapy workshops and personal one-on-one sessions, has marked a transformative juncture in my life it's helped me find my way through the depths of depression and the painful feelings of rejection from my family.

These sessions have provided me with the tools to understand the roots of my depression and the feelings of rejection that have haunted me.
Under Jo's guidance, I've been able to release the burdens I've been carrying for years and find a path to inner healing.

The healing journey I've embarked on has not been easy, but it has been profoundly rewarding. I've witnessed a remarkable shift in my emotional well-being and have begun to rebuild the fractured relationships within my family. The support and insights I've gained from Jo and these therapeutic sessions have been invaluable.

I am deeply thankful to Jo for her unwavering dedication to helping me heal and find acceptance. The Family Constellation Therapy workshops and one-on-one sessions have played a critical role in my journey towards emotional well-being and reconnection with my family. I recommend Jo and these transformative sessions to support in healing and resolution from their emotional struggles.

Testimonial - Anonymous  

I have worked with Jo to uncover and understand the layers of me and where I come from.

This work is truly amazing. It is fast and effective compared to the other forms of therapy I have tried.

Jo is a kind and caring therapist. I feel like I can trust her with the most sensitive parts of my psyche. She holds no judgment and makes me feel supported as I unravel parts of me. I feel like a completely different person today because of Family Constellation. I am a better version of me. A better mum and a better partner.

My boundaries and self confidence are better and my life flows with ease.

I don’t feel the need to control everything. I no longer carry the heaviness of guilt and shame. I no longer have anger outbursts and I have built solid relationships and trustworthy friendships.

Things I have worked through with Jo

  • Grief

  • Boundaries

  • Abuse 

  • Relationship issues with family members 

  • Life direction and employment choices

  • Goal setting

  • Inner child work

I highly recommend Jo and Family constellation. It truly has been life changing for me.